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NSMB Wii Custom Levels

Each level that I make focuses on specific things about the game. The level might be about certain unused sprites, something you can't do in Super Mario Maker, or just an interesting idea I think of...or a combination of these.

I will be releasing the levels by world. When I finish a world, I will make a video explaining anything I changed for the final release, and then I will upload the world here. After I've released all the worlds of the game, I will play through the levels and provide you with an XML file to play them on your own!

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World 1

Coin-2 Edited (1-1)

This level is what was previously Coin-2. The only big difference is that the bonus room can be accessed (through the means originally used), and the star coin is in the bonus room, not in the pipe. One block is also edited so that Toad can be rescued.

A Much Harder Coin-1 (1-2)

This level is originally Coin-1. However, the unused area 3 (containing an unfinished part of 7-Tower) comes before the final area. That's why it's harder. The two star coins in the final room are removed because of this change, and the main item of the level has been changed to ice flower

Unused DS Platforms (1-3)

This level is a remake of 1-6. Rolling hills in this level are replaced with either of two unused platforms originating from the DS version, sprites 49 (a platform that tilts based on the weight of Mario) and 52 (4 self-rotating platforms). There is also a secret exit in the level, which would allow access to 1-Cannon. The new main item is the propeller

More Unused Stuff (1-Tower)

This level is just a remake of the original. It focuses on some blocks that go unused in the game. These sprites move, much like the ones originally in the level, and some of them have spikes on them. The end is also different. Star coin 3 can only be accessed after hitting the button in world 3.

Golden River (1-4)

This level is also simply a remake of the original. Little is changed about the level, and it mostly uses unused water-related sprites (it is still a water level, after all): floating coins and question mark blocks, as well as a sprite that makes a current in the water, making it hard for regular Mario to go left (as a penguin, which is the new main item of the level, it's easier to go left). An entrance has also been moved to a different pipe.

Mario Kart Mushrooms (1-5)

Again, simply a remake of the original. In this level, I changed the main item to ice flower despite it being a mushroom level. Using Mario Kart as my inspiration, I made it so that all red mushrooms act as trampolines (by placing clouds behind the mushrooms). I made the 8-coin set give a propeller, though, because of a section that's hard without it.

You Have Always Wanted to Do This (1-6)

This level has no background and the music for enemy ambush. It consists of a single Koopa Troopa. You have to throw its shell into a pit full of Goombas before completing the level. This rewards 14 lives (I think).

Autoscroll Fun (1-Castle)

The first part of this level is an autoscroll that travels to the right very fast. As you progress, you must jump/duck to avoid obstacles along the way. At the end of the section, you are greeted by the checkpoint and a block containing a flower. Go through the pipe to continue with the rest of the level. This section has a messed up camera (that's my fault) and uses an autoscroll as well. This autoscroll moves downward at the regular rate. To stay on-screen without dying, you're supposed to wall jump (while avoiding spikes in certain places). Star coin 3 can only be accessed after hitting the button in world 3.

World 2

Just Coin-4 (2-1)

This level is simply the file for Coin-4, renamed to be 2-1. (The new location was chosen because of the map having sand pillars there). There is also a block for saving Toad.

Back and Forth (2-2)

In this level, you must go back and forth through pipes to reach the end. There are places where you can mess up and have to start over.

Not Fireballs (2-3)

This level is almost the same as the original, except for the main item, which is now the star. There are 3 places where you can get the star as well as several blocks with continuous stars in them throughout the level. There are also 2 blocks near the beginning where you can get the ice flower, which is able to kill the jumping fire snakes (a feature not emphasized in the original game).

Walls Closing In (2-Tower)

The idea for this level was just that - the walls close in slowly to the point where they can kill you, unless you get up fast enough. I ended up using the brown moving blocks for this.

Weird Flag Mechanics (2-4)

This level has a lot to mess with. You spawn to the right of the flag, which is also raised up into the air. This level is mainly for looking at some weird mechanics with regard to it. There is also a secret exit with a Toad block.

Triple Jump Practice (2-5)

My original idea for this level was going to be using invisible spikes with blue coins indicating their locations and P buttons to show them, but the invisible spikes ended up not working the way I hoped they would, so I ended up just putting a flat area where you can have fun. Yoshi is still in the level. I may make something more interesting for the final release of the whole thing (which will come out once I've done all the levels of the game).

Infinite Flutter (2-6)

In this level, you are NOT REQUIRED to use infinite flutter anywhere in the level, mainly because I'm very bad at it. However, 2 of the star coins as well as the 8-red-coin challenge do require infinite flutter to reach/complete. As with all mushroom levels, I made red mushrooms bouncy. There is a secret exit. Also, the tileset from world 6 is used.


I changed nothing about this level, and here's why: The challenge for picking a path is hardcoded into the level, and as a result, editing it can lead to major errors. Besides, I had no good ideas that would fit a castle.

World 3

This level WILL NOT RUN unless you apply some patches other than the actual stages.

  • Make sure to add the tilesets in the /Texture folder to your tileset folder. If you are using Riivolution, set that folder as the /Stage/Texture folder with create=true.
  • Included with the levels is a "connected pipe.txt". Paste the contents of the file into your XML, or 3-Tower will not work. I'm not sure if you can apply memory hacks using emulation, I only use my real Wii.

Flagpole to Flagpole (3-1)

This level explores the flagpole again, since I was out of ideas when I made it. The level is the same as the original, except for the flagpole.

Secrets Behind Doors (3-2)

This level makes use of sprites 419 and 420, which are unused giant doors that open/close based on tilting the Wii remote. They always appear in front of everything, so I hid stuff like blocks behind them. Star coin 2 makes use of a glitch with rolling hills. The second half (after the checkpoint) is pretty hard. Above you are tiles that represent where the invisible tiles around you are, but what you can see is hidden behind the same doors.

Frozen Pond (3-3)

3-3 is kind of a water level, even though I said I don't like those. Most of the bodies of water have ice on top that can be melted by fireballs. The last star coin uses the mini mushroom to jump up from the water to the star coin.

Just Coin-3 (3-Haunted House)

The name is pretty self-explanatory. The only 2 differences from the original Coin-3 are that the outside part now has snowflakes falling (visual effect) and that there's a secret exit.

Circular Tower (3-Tower)

This might be one of my favorite levels I've done (among 3-3 and 3-2) so far. It shows a bunch of ways the "Wrap Area" feature can be used. It also has connected pipes.

Just Coin-5 (3-4)

Once again, all I did to the level was add a secret exit. For the secret exit, you need to bring a mini mushroom into the level and survive the whole time. (It's not hard).

Snowy Mushrooms (3-5)

Not much is special about this level. I've kept up the thing with making you bounce on red mushrooms, and the clouds behind them are more visible, but we can say that's snow. There was originally autoscroll with an unused sprite, but it got too difficult with certain things I wanted to do. The secret exit makes use of another unused platform with the test_lift.arc texture, taken from a DS platform.

Invincible for the Boss (3-Castle)

That's all that's different. There are stars at the battle so you can mess around.