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Multi-Skyblock Survival: Hard

As promised, this is the second version of Multi-Skyblock Survival. This version is much harder than the original. Here are the differences:

  • Ores on the mining islands are scarcer. This will force you to use your materials more efficiently. The same is true of dirt.
  • If you found the villager before, great job! But if you thought it would be a safe haven from the mining shortage, think again! In addition to having a different name ("Ore Trader", before it was "Ores"), the villager now demands a higher price for ores.
  • Islands are further apart than before. Previously, I thought it was too easy to travel to different islands. Now, that is more of a challenge.
  • The farming island now has less to offer - fewer distinct animals and less of each crop.
  • The chest on the main island has less in it than before. Removals include the bed and all plantable things except wheat seeds.

The Fury Run 3

I'm turning the Fury Run into a series now, so yeah. I might eventually migrate all the Fury Run maps into their own subdirectory of /maps on the Phillyzone site, but for now, it's here. It's sort of the same idea as the previous maps, but I still recommend that you play the first 2 before this because all 3 have different puzzles, parkour ideas, etc. Some more info:

  • This map is for 1.11
  • You will spawn in the grass. THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE. There are 2 villages within view (if you followed the view distance instructions) straight ahead of you when you spawn. Loot the blacksmiths from both (3 total blacksmiths) before continuing with the map. You will need those items.
  • NEVER craft with the iron found in the blacksmith shops (you can wear the armor you find though)
  • This map will get you mad (it gives me a new reason to call it the Fury Run, but that wasn't the original name)

Multi-Skyblock Survival

This map expands the features of skyblock. In this version of skyblock, you start exactly the same way you would start a normal skyblock world. However, there are other islands around the area: 1 farm island, where you can access extra dirt, every type of tree, animals, and crops you wouldn't normally find in a skyblock world, as well as three mining islands, each with a gift: tier 1, containing coal and iron; tier 2, with redstone and gold; and tier 3, with diamonds and emeralds. Along with the additional islands, there is also an incomplete nether portal, which is possible to complete and enter. In the nether, there is a villager who will trade you ores and minerals, as well as some extra ores you can mine. It is even possible to visit the End and kill the dragon! Some important information:

  • This map must be played in 1.10.X, preferrably 1.10.2.
  • I might have forgotten to go back into survival mode after finishing the map. If I did forget, just switch your gamemode.
  • I did set the spawnpoint properly, but in the event that you respawn above the void, switch to creative and set your spawnpoint on any block of bedrock.
  • I will be making and releasing versions of this map that are harder, so if you find this map too easy, don't be disappointed. Just look at this link for when I release those versions. (If you are reading this on the TNMP Network maps page, that link will just refresh the page, and you will have wasted your time in clicking the link, so don't click the link unless you are extremely bored, in which case you should actually not click the link, but download and play the map, since playing skyblock is much more fun in my opinion than infinitely clicking a link.)

The Fury Run 2

I enjoyed The Fury Run so much that I couldn't let it be all there was; besides, the original Fury Run had many issues and is only available in 1.8, so I had to release a second map. This map is meant for 1.10 and fixes many of the bugs from the previous map. The Fury Run 2 has many new things or things that are different from the original map.

  • Play this map in 1.10.2.
  • This time there isn't a minecart ride at the end but there is a chance after you complete the map to glide anywhere in the map you'd like on an elytra.
  • There are still checkpoints where you spawn facing the wrong way.
  • If this map has a readme you should read it (hence the imperative statement within its name, "READ ME".).
  • While this map does have many new things that weren't (or were) in the first map, it also lacks many things from the first, and some things in this map make reference to the first. You should play the first map by clicking here.
  • Report any bugs to

The Elytra Challenge

The original idea for the Elytra Challenge was brought up by Logdotzip in this video. This map is an attempt to create a more formalized version of the challenge. Unfortunately, the objective that was created used 68 command blocks just to accurately count achievements, and for some reason, the entire setup of those and more was removed for no reason whatsoever, so you will have to count the achievements on your own (it took too long for this to come out anyway). Important information:

  • This map was created on 1.10.2. Play on 1.10.X, preferably 1.10.2 but it shouldn't really matter.
  • When you die or the elytra breaks, the game is OVER. Count your achievements and Tweet that score here.
  • There's a desert village somewhere near spawn, just saying..
  • You also might like to know that a bonus chest is located directly under the glass at spawn.
  • Before playing, set your WASD keys to something you wouldn't normally use.

The Fury Run

The Fury Run is my first map. It consists of a variety of different challenges, especially parkour, puzzle, a huge maze, and a memory game. One thing that really makes The Fury Run stand out is that unlike most maps, which are made of quartz, this map is made completely out of cobblestone. I don't think there is a single block of quartz in the entire map. Important to know:

  • You may only play this map on 1.8.X because certain commands will not work in any other version.
  • Yes, this map does have a readme and you should definitely read it.
  • If you start repeatedly dying for absolutely no reason, type /kill @e[type=!Player]. Continue this until it stops (slimes may jump on pressure plates that kill you).
  • If recording, put my channel in the description.
  • If you find any bugs on the map in 1.8.X other than the one discussed above, email them to