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My Stance on the PewDiePie Conflict

I realize that this is late to be saying anything about this, and I don't usually do anything of this sort (and besides, who looks at this website anyway other than Alex? speaking of which why does he?). But the reason I'm writing this is because I had an opinion and I just felt like sharing it. If you disagree, let me know in the comments—oh wait, this is a basic HTML site, there are no comments! Guess you'll just have to not disagree. (Also if things seem to be out of order or confusing, it might be due to the fact that I'm typing this at 10 at night.)

It's no longer news that Felix (since I don't want to have to type the caps in the channel name) recently posted some questionable content on his Fiverr video. He paid two people to dance with a sign reading Death to All Jews, and he also hired someone to say Hitler did nothing wrong. That was a huge mistake, but of course, he didn't actually think that these people would actually follow his request. Even so, it would have been best to use something less offensive to be written/said. At the end, he says "I can't be held accountable" but is very wrong for obvious reasons; he uses the excuse "it was just a joke," but if this is so, he should have gone about it in a different way.

So there's my section scolding PewDiePie (forget using his actual name). Now for the part on the media. Anyone who watches TYT (I occassionaly do, and please ignore the horrible spelling of that word, or refer to the bold part above) has seen their anger towards the rest of media, mainly TV and newspapers, because of their "establishment bias". The reason most of the media hates TYT (aside from the return of that feeling) is because the idea of using online news as the main source of income is foreign to them. They are trying to keep themselves on top, which has slowly been failing, especially on the part of newspapers. This is the reason they attacked PewDiePie: partly because of what he did, but mainly because they need to feel better about themselves (and, of course, for clickbait). This is the reason for the media's "cherry-picking", something they cannot feel entitled to keep doing. The WSJ could have ruined Felix's entire life because of this, and they have succeeded in doing so numerous times to other people.

That's all you'll hear from me. Goodbuy.