TNMP Network

The New TNMP Network

For a while, the TNMP Network consisted of only really the Minecraft server. This website was at first called "TNMP website", not TNMP Network, which it was later changed to so it would match the server. Now, I decided to make everything included in the TNMP Network, not just the server and website. What this means is that updates to everything will happen at the same time; when I want to make a change to the YouTube channel, the TNMP Network version will change for everything else (see the list below to see what that includes). I've always been particular about things being orderly in such a fashion, so this is how it will be from now on, starting with version 7.

Now Included in the TNMP Network

  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter, IG, Vine
  • server
  • website

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