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Created 3/27/16

Happy Easter! Today I want to talk about a few things going on with

  • Last night (the 26th) I planned to hold a drop party, which I told everyone in /mail about a week prior. However, nobody showed up except for 2 people (besides me) so I just split the items evenly between them. I also planned to have an Easter egg hunt, but then somebody *ahem* MINESTRIX! crashed the server, so that didn't end up happening either. In other words, last night's events were a complete and total failure.
  • I've started a system with Ovie! The system puts me in charge of the Info page. So next time on, type /einfo into the chat (include the e) to find info about the schedule of events/server parties and what each type is. Check back on the schedule every so often, it will be updated!